The Weird News Weekly Review

Save the Date magnets are colorfully custom designed or stock layouts magnets that are intended to help your friends and family remember an important event coming up in the future. They are becoming quite popular. I'd bet you have one or two on your refrigerator already and I'd also bet that they may still be there after the special occasion takes place. The use of Save the Date magnets also shows your respect toward the people you want to include in your happiness. Our schedules are so tight these days that knowing of an upcoming event allows your guests to have enough time to make arrangements when necessary. For two straight weeks I have turned on ESPN to catch the evening Click here and one of the top stories continues to be Roger Clemens and the New England Patriots. Congress get a clue! Oil prices sky-rocketed to an all-time high on Friday and Congress continues to worry about professional sports. I really don't care if Roger Clemens used steroids or if Bill Belichick video taped opponents. Let baseball worry about baseball problems and let football worry about football problems. Try to look at other blog calendars of other bloggers. It is a good idea to be aware of what other bloggers are doing on their Breaking News daily bloggin schedule so that you know what's lacking in your own schedule. With time, a couple can develop into complacent with one another, and also grow bored. This inevitably results in a breakdown in communication, that is negative news, seeing that communication could be the foundation of a marriage. Target media that will most top stories likely feature your press release to your market. If you can reach the selected media outlets that your target market pays attention to, then you'll be way ahead of the competition. Missing out on important pieces of conversations with others is unfortunate; however, it is more unfortunate when we don't take time to listen to God. So many times we talk to Him, we talk at Him, we talk about Him but how many times do we really listen? The wisdom that comes from God is far greater than anything we need to hear on earth. When we miss out on listening to God, we miss out on extremely important instructions and guidance for our lives. So, I would say to expend all of your time and energy on committing to making one business successful first, then start on another if you so desire. The bottom line is to focus and commit, to give up searching for the perfect company. Plant good seeds where you are now. You will be pleasantly amazed at the rate you begin to grow and blossom into the leader you were meant to be.